The Tree Of Life

The tree of life keeps appearing in mythology around the world, as well as in science and religion. And although each religion has a different take on it, it does appear in most religions. So what does that mean? Does it mean that all religion and science came from one place originally and then developed in different directions? Or does it mean that throughout time people have travelled, interacted and interwoven their stories with one another? Whatever way around it is fascinating, as it does bring us all together.

The interesting thing is also that the tree of life is an actual symbol for life – the tree that connects Heaven with Earth, the underworld with the living, the mind with the body, the good with the evil and spirituality with the mind. It is a symbol for connection, connection beyond barriers. And wouldn’t it be lovely if the world started to operate as if it truly was a tree with its branches spread out around the world?

Where we know that the nutrients in the ground aren’t separate from the rays from the sun. Where every part is a part of a whole and each part acknowledges and honours this. If you think about it, most structures in life are about co-operation – like cogs in a wheel that cannot turn without one another. Think about a business for example – if you own a shop you need the accountant as much as you need the cleaner to clean the floor at night. One without the other and the business will slowly fall apart.

Swedenborg’s idea of the tree of life was that it was your mind and what you plant in your mind represents how the tree will grow – whether flowering or withering. Your focus creating your reality and if you only see what’s plain to the eye and never question, your tree will also falter. You have to continuously plant new seeds by re-focusing your will.

At ILLUM we therefore decided to plant a tree in our garden…a tree representing both the oneness of life, of letting go of the underworld and embracing the heavens…In the words of Stan, the founder of ILLUM:

”At ILLUM the garden is designed around balance, harmony, universal love and all senses of the body, mind and soul. I want a garden that becomes the Wikipedia of our world, where all religions and beliefs come together as ONE energy. We are ONE. The Oneness feeling is the future of our being. At the Tree of Life you can write down your intentions and wishes and put it somewhere in the designed structure around a very old olive tree. We are thinking maybe to use a little water canal system to take your written message with the flow and disappear under the Tree of Life. My landscape architect saw this at a temple in a Japanese garden. Go with the flow…a moment to set your intentions at ILLUM and then go with the flow.”

The Tree of Life is just one small part of our exciting vision for Illum. We would love for you to come on board and help us to create an eco healing centre of the future.