Interview with Raw Vegan Chef Elena!

What’s your speciality within the wellness field? (From designing, or building Eco-centres, to being a healer, or nutritionist, etc)

I am a certified raw food chef and I am studying to become also a nutritionist.

Within your field, what has provided the most health benefits to your clients and why?

Incredibly enough a lot of my clients want to talk and want to be listened to. Every “disease” or “necessity” or “problem” they might have or think they have food-related starts in reality with some kind of loneliness. They are not loved or listened to. Healing through food comes at a later stage.

Outside of your field, what have you seen that has really truly helped peoples’ health?

As I said before, every person needs to feel special, needs to feel loved and listened to, needs to be accepted and forgiven.

What are you most passionate about in life, what do you truly love and why? (Name three things).

1. I love traveling, I love meeting people and make them feel good also through my food.
2. Traveling because it opens your mind, meeting people because I feel we are a big human family and I love to meet as many brothers and sisters as possible.
3. Cinema because it makes me travel even without moving a muscle.

What do you envision when you think of a great wellness centre? What would you love it to be like?

I think of a place where everyone feels special, well taken care of and unique. A place where the holistic approach is core and where every possibility is explored.

What would add a fun and/or unexpected touch to a wellness centre?

I would add a playground to have adults go and play and take out the kid in them. Or a “screaming room” where people enter and scream out what they want to get rid of their anger, is very therapeutic.

What would you do to make a wellness centre unique?

To be unique it needs to have a unique feature, something that other do not have, like a in house raw food chef for instance… 🙂

Would you love to get involved in our project? If so how do you envision your role?

I would love to take care of the raw food section/ restaurant, that would be amazing!


To connect with Elena you can join her Facebook community here.

Do you run a healing, wellbeing or yoga centre? We would love to speak to you about collaborating and connecting with other centres around the world. Our greatest acts of creation occur through creativity.

Humans are collaborative beings. Our souls collaborated with our bodies to create our unique expression in the world. We are richer as we learn with others, as we are challenged by others, as we are loved by others. We are richer when we co-create a new life together or a new business together.