Interview With Joan Jacobs The Light Within

Below is an interview with Joan Jacobs, a holistic healer,speaker, author & radio host.


What’s your speciality within the wellness field? (From designing, or building Eco-centres, to being a healer, or nutritionist etc)?

I do unique healing and transformational work that awakens the body to restore health by accessing and activating information held within the body’s anatomical structures and by healing and addressing emotions in new ways.

Within your field, what has provided the most health benefits to your clients and why?

2 main benefits:

1. No return: By working with information held in the body, the energy system is activated to complete old programming and awaken new programming, creating actual frequency shifts. Given that frequencies hold and create all aspects of ourselves and our lives, Once the frequency has shifted, the system can’t go back to old habits contained in old programs, therefore this method ensures long term integration of irreversible change.

2.New skills: The release of past emotional conflict, freeing clients of the negative effect these conflicts have on emotional response mechanisms in the present and learning healthy emotional skills provides clients with practical tools for resourceful emotional self-management in the future.

Outside of your field, what have you seen that has really truly helped peoples’ health?

I believe that health is a fluid and dynamic term that has implications to many different aspects of the human experience. Many methods offer resolution to immediate health needs but more important is to provide people with tools to understand the way their body works, take responsibility for their health, make educated decisions and manage their lives resourcefully.

What are you most passionate about in life, what do you truly love and why? (Name three things)

1. Raising people’s awareness to the connection between emotions and health (or disease) without sounding presumptuous. I’m passionate about this because I know for fact that understanding this connection can truly change people’s lives and eliminate much of the suffering in the world.

2. Dance.  In my early twenties I trained as a professional dancer. Although my career took on different directions, my initial love and honour for the human body and its ability to express emotions through movement still remains. I continue to work out and love the feeling of connection it gives me with my body.

3. Knowledge.  I’m passionate about new knowledge in the field of healing, and other areas of interest. If financially sustaining myself was not a necessity I could spend most of my time studying. Knowledge inspires and stimulates me.

What do you envision when you think of a great wellness centre? What would you love it to be like?

IN my eyes, a wellness centre should create the experience of wellness in all aspects involved. From design to diet the centre should show case, promote and teach wellness principles and with that be accessible and affordable.

What would add a fun and/or unexpected touch to a wellness centre?

1. If people staying at the centre took part in preparing some of the meals. This way they would become familiar with the ingredients, learn cooking methods of healthy food and also see that its not as difficult as they may have thought.

2. If a centre representative, dressed in “wellness costume” brought a wellness “tip of the day” to each of the rooms every morning.

What would you do to make a wellness centre unique?

The wellness centre’s I’m familiar with focus mainly on the in-house experience. I suggest creating a follow-up system so that people are supported after they leave as well. Committing to a program that extends beyond the actual stay at the centre, knowing that there will be follow up could conceivably encourage people to better integrate what they took in and learned at the centre.
This will also create a stronger and more long-term relationship with clients and hopefully promote more return visits.

Would you love to get involved in our project? If so how do you envision your role?

Yes definitely! I envision myself offering individual healing sessions as well as group sessions and staff trainings.

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