Interview with healer Lindsay Wilson

What’s your speciality within the wellness field? (From designing, or building Eco-centres, to being a healer, or nutritionist etc?)

My practice focuses on healing heart wounds that have accumulated over time. I help people do this by: bringing nourishment into their lives with nutrient-dense foods, traditional food ways, and plant medicine and herbs; by teaching yoga and meditation techniques; and by connecting people with the innate wisdom of nature and her seasonal cycles. For example, I have an on-line Seasonal Intelligence course that walks participants through the seasonal year with information and practices for self-care as the seasons change.

Within your field, what has provided the most health benefits to your clients and why?

1. Healing the heart through spiritual practices, reconnection with nature, and through ‘feeding’ the heart.
2. Restoring a sense of worth and inner nobility (so that they desire to care for themselves, this gem of a planet, and their communities); many times this means that one heals past shame and guilt brought upon them by the culture they live in or by doing some harmful act or being the recipient of some harmful act in their lives. When this moment in a person’s life is not appropriately healed through a restorative process, the shame grows and oppresses a person.
3. Healing the gut and digestive system with gentle cleanses, traditional food techniques, herbs, and nourishing foods.

Outside of your field, what have you seen that has really truly helped peoples’ health?

Body work and massage of all kinds!

What are you most passionate about in life, what do you truly love and why? (Name three things).

I am deeply passionate about clean air, clean water, and clean soil. If we have these things, then life is able to function at a high level. Basically, my practice is a medium at which I can help the human family detoxify their bodies from the assaults on nature (chemicals, pesticides, and such) and rebuild their hearts and spirits for the journey we have ahead of us.
I am also passionate about the need for the ethic of reciprocity in our lives. With reciprocity, we learn that we are indebted to everything that gave us life and that which continues to provide for us. We learn the deep, resonate sound of gratitude (this is felt and heard in the heart). When we feel this in our hearts, we use all of our time and energy to heal the imbalances on this planet with whatever means we have. Reciprocity is not only the energetic of giving and receiving, the understanding of reciprocity also lays the foundation in our psyches that everything is interconnected and that our reality is always in a dynamic dialogue of actions and responses.

What do you envision when you think of a great wellness centre? What would you love it to be like?

I envision a great wellness centre would have a lot of natural beauty that is well integrated into its surroundings. Many people don’t have beauty in their lives and, of course, she is a great healer. It would also be a place that allowed people to live/visit and even participate in some community work with each other so that they could experience alternative ways of living to their current lifestyle. There would be healthy, vibrant gardens with many medicinal plants. Movement classes of various kinds would be offered as well as bodywork. And, the food would utilize plants for cleansing the body and animal-based products to nourish the body (especially for those whose digestive systems are severely compromised). There would also be workshops on cooking, traditional food preparation, gardening, and wild foraging. I think it is especially healing when people learn to grow or wild-harvest their food from the source.

What would add a fun and/or unexpected touch to a wellness centre?

It would be great for a weekly or monthly Gabrielle Roth-style dance class to take place at the centre. I have been to many and they are so much fun! It could be called Sweat Your Prayers or Dance Church or Ecstatic Dance or whatever feels right.

What would you do to make a wellness centre unique?

I would focus activities around the seasons and natural phenomena in the area of the centre. This would allow a new consciousness to arise in the staff and the guests.

Would you love to get involved in our project? If so how do you envision your role?

Considering that I live in the US and am quite far away, I am not sure! However, I have really enjoyed filling out this survey. Many of these things have been on my mind for awhile.


Thanks very much for the interview Lindsay!

If you’d like to get in touch with Lindsay you can contact her here.