Interview with Dirish Shaktidas – A flexaterian!

What’s your speciality within the wellness field? (From designing, or building Eco-centres, to being a healer, or nutritionist etc?

A creative movement facilitator/ Yoga, Dance & Healing.

Within your field, what has provided the most health benefits to your clients and why?

Shifting the mind, body and soul using posture, breathe, mantra and movement. Returning the client to a neutral mind, elevated body and vibrant spirit.

Outside of your field, what have you seen that has really truly helped peoples’ health?

Opening peoples hearts and seeing them light up.

What are you most passionate about in life, what do you truly love and why? (Name three things).

I am passionate about helping people to burn bright and ignite the flame from within.

I truly love:

Music – Music is a universal language that communicates to the soul and beyond.

Yoga – A Million and eight ways to transform me bringing back the essence of my true self reminding me of loving kindness, compassion and peace.

Dance – A rhythmic platform for divine expression.

What do you envision when you think of a great wellness centre? What would you love it to be like?

Clean, spacious, vibrant space. I would love it to be like an experience of stepping out of a hot bath.

What would add a fun and/or unexpected touch to a wellness centre?

I would make the space dynamic by adding art and leaving it open to the spectator.

What would you do to make a wellness centre unique?

Introduce the energy of cirque du soliel with the subtle theatrical arts.

Would you love to get involved in our project? If so how do you envision your role?

I would like to teach workshops, retreats and help organise holistic events.

Thank you Dirish for our first interview with a man! If you fancy igniting your flame, unlocking your true potential and emerging into your true being you can find out more about Dirish here.